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Be Prepared for Bushfire Australian summers pose the threat of bushfires. The hazards created by these fires are greater than anywhere else in the world. Preparing for the bushfire season is the responsibility of everyone who lives in a bushfire prone area either in the country or metropolitan suburbs.

However, in a major emergency, fire services may be fully occupied fighting the front of the fire, fire units may not be able to protect every home, so do not expect a crew to be available to protect you.

When facing a bushfire, defending your home is dangerous; it might cause serious injury, psychological trauma suffering or die. The safest way is to be prepared for it, protect your valuables and stay away from the threat. Fires are unpredictable and plans can fail. You should be aware and store your valuables, documents - including insurance documents, passports, wills, etc - and data in a safe place against critical situations weather in your office or your home. Fire is not the only issue, you should be conscious of theft fire and burglary after it. When fire occurs, a fire-resistance safe can protect your legal papers, insurance document, valuables and data records. A profession safe can protect your important documents, photos, valuables and medications. By using your safes as a key storage place, you will easily find all your important processions in an emergency.

You can find more about bushfire preparation and survival in CFA (Country Fire Authority) websites:

Use a Safe to Protect your Belongings Whether you’re holding valuable materials in your home or office, using a safe to protect your belongings is often a good idea. Safes are available to protect a variety of materials under a number of conditions. Find safes to protect your valuables from water, fire, and other physical damage. Also, safes come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate almost any use & data protection. Below I have listed a few things you may want to consider before purchasing a safe.

Materials Consider the types of materials that you will be holding in your safe. Many safes are designed to protect specific items like documents, media files, firearms, money, or other valuables such as jewellery.

Location Consider where you would like your safe to be located. In an office, or in your home? Either way, safes are available to suit any location. Also, consider how you would like to use the safe. Does it need to be hidden in the floor or wall? Deciding on these elements will help you make a more intelligent decision.

Locking System There are numerous locking systems on the market. You may come across key lock, biometric, keypad, electronic, and dial locking safes. Key lock and keypad safes are generally a little less secure than electronic and biometric safes. Key and electronic locks are best for situations in which more than one person will be using the safe. It is possible to set a safe with more than one keypad or electronic entry to make tracking users possible.

Protection Finally, evaluate the types of protection your safe will need to keep your valuables secure. Safes can be designed to protect against fire, dust, water, impact, and other environmental elements. Every safe will be rated on fire, water, and impact capabilities; be sure to examine these ratings before purchasing.

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Keep your Gold, Silver & Jewellery safe. Beware of gold storage and safety deposit boxes - store your gold at home.

Another thing to watch out for is a coin company that will hold your gold for you in safety deposit boxes or elsewhere. Never buy from a coin company that does that. That defeats the whole purpose of owning gold. You want it there with you when an economic crisis arrives. In the midst of chaos, what are your chances of getting your gold if it is stored at a company half way across the country, or even in safety deposit boxes in a bank across town?

Gun Safes are a safe Investment. All those who own a weapon like a gun need something to keep it safe. They don't want anyone to steal their weapon and do something that is not acceptable. After all, the owner will have to face the law if the weapon is found at some unwanted scene.

Gun safes protect your children from possible firearm dangers and also protect your expensive or antique guns from theft by keeping them secure. With the myriad of choices in the market today, it is important to choose a gun safe that will provide you with the utmost security while still being economical. By determining which features are most meaningful, you can make an informed decision about the type, size and brand you prefer to purchase.

For further details on how to make an informed decision on the right gun safe for you please read the below document and feel free to contact one of our specialised team members.

Don't buy a cheap safe

Beware of gold storage and safety deposit boxes store your gold at home

Determine the Right choice of Gun Safe for You!