Commercial Cash Safe and Portable Money Safe

Heavy duty, fireproof office safes providing the security you need

Ensure your valuable possessions or petty cash remain secure and protected when you buy from the premium selection of commercial grade office safes from Safes Australia. We stock a selection of heavy-duty fireproof office safes, built with drill-proof steel plates and featuring a variety of security measures including 3 wheel combination lock, reinforced construction and single bolt down. Our corporate safes are designed to look stylish in any office workplace, perfectly complement our document storage safes, and will provide the security that you need. We also offer Cash Cabinets, Commercial cash Drop Safes, Portable Cash Safes, Money Safe Box, Waterproof Cash Box, Home Cash Safes & Small Cash Safes.

We deliver Australia wide, so browse our range of high quality commercial safes for sale and place your order online with us today.

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